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Liberating Music Free MP3 Sampler

Liberating Music Free MP3 Sampler

The Liberating Music Sampler is a freely distributed MP3 / MPEG Video Sampler which will be available across Europe in 2006. It is a pay-to-get-on sampler exclusively sponsored by the nice folks at TDK.



“Liberating Music” MP3 Sampler in short:

 - Amount Pressed: 20.000 copies

- Release Date: End of January 2006

- Distributed by:

  • 290 streetteam-members across Europe (Go-Kart Records Europe Streetteam)
    • Shows, Festivals and Events
    • Local stores
    • Clubs and other Music Locations
  • Cooperations/Distribution with
    • Lifestyle-Stores and Skateshops
    • Mailorders
    • Magazines
    • Music Conferences
  • Bands

- Distributed Territories:

    • Germany
    • Italy
    • France
    • United Kingdom
    • Benelux
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Norway

- Presented and sponsored by:

  • TDK

- Tracklisting:

Against Me! Problems
Ahead To The Sea Sea Minds In Fear
Alkaline Trio Time To Waste
Analena Dream Amplifiers
At The Spine Kiss And Remember
Bad Blood Feed Me
Bambix Revolution
Big Boy Caprice My Number Has Changed
Bolt Thrower Entrenched
Broilers LoFi
Cooper Let´s Kill Everyone Of Them
Cougars There's No High In Team
De Rita Sisters Fuck Police
duesenjaeger Keiner
Ephen Rian Killed By Flames
Fail To Follow Fanatic And Fools
Fence Scorched Earth
Flatcat Rockstar Fantasy (Break It)
Former Cell Mates Jumping At Shadows
Fountain Of Youth Back From Reality
Freygolo All Is Said And Done
FunnyLovePainful NNN
Fuse Who I Am
Geist Wer Wenn Nicht Ich
Germ Attack New War
Gob Squad Far Beyond Control
Good Clean Fun Corporate Rock
Groovycide She's The One For Me
Guns On The Roof Derailed
Gutbucket Short Goodbye
Hitch Opposites Direct
Ifarm TBA
InMemory Accents Are Overrated
ira Disappear
Köppernjugend Love.Letter.Bomb
Lag Wagon Heartbreaking Music
Loaded Skeleton Crew
Marvel Come In Out Of The Rain
Milkshake Black Petals
Nervous Nellie No Calls
Next Horizon Always On My Mind
Niandra Stage Fright
No Face Rock Protesta
Normavana Diversità
Northern Overload Dancer
November Coming Fire Closure
OC Toons My Own Life
October File One And All
Pedrosa His Name Was Fire
Pull A Star Trip My Last Wish Shall Be A Time Machine
Randy´s Ripcord Kids From The Underground
Raptus Viel Geduld
Rasheed Part Of Me
Redasmonkey Same Old Shelves
Rentokill Sounds Of A Pityful End
Rifu Let Them Eat Bombs
Rise And Fall The Void
Scarlet Grey Scarlet Grey
Shark Soup Holy Water
Tears Of Blood Kings Will Be Kings
Television Timeout The Real Destruction
Ten Foot Pole Last Call For Russels Balls
The Band Geek Mafia Facelift
The Go Faster Nuns Peppermint Petty
The Grindolls Weekend Schizophrenia
The Kelvins Wild
The No One My Friends All Over
The Pricks Roadkill
The Redrum Invito A Cena (Extended Version)
The Shocker Your Problem Now
The Very Job Agency Haeschenklaenge
Thoughts Paint The Sky Thoughts Paint The Sky
Throw Rag Swingset Superman
Transmission 0 Journey


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