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Band Information

Øyvind Sarheim - Lead vocals / Guitar
Stian Andreassen (a.k.a. NL) - Guitar
Erlend Laanke (MC Hoinner År) - Bass / B. vocals
Ola Pettersen - Drums / B. vocals

RIFU is a political HC/Punk band from Trondheim, Norway. Combining influences that include everything from 90’s new-school hardcore to melodic punk and classic rock, RIFU is the music for the revolution! Their music bristles with rage, energy and ungovernable power. Their lyrics are highly political and uncompromising. The band is used to being one of few/no other left-winged hardcore bands in their region. By participating in the making of counterculture and promoting its values, RIFU believe we can make a difference.
In 2001, RIFU released their first full-length “ Revolutionary Tango (The Slavery Dance)” (D’sign) which already created a huge fan base for them. Their second album “Dead End Street” (Twisted Chords) followed in 2003 and did not only feature a new guitarist but also 11 tracks somewhere between Propagandhi and Refused. But never mind the big names as RIFU never reproduce but create their very own powerful and original style.

Go-Kart Records has just released their latest album “ Dead End Street” in the US in January 2005. For their upcoming 3-week tour in March they have recorded an EP “The Bombsessions” that will serve as an appetizer for the upcoming new album “Bombs for Food, Mines for Freedom” that will be released world-wide later in 2005 on Go-Kart!

“Listen up to the rhymes of Revolution, and the rhythms made of suppression. Let’s all dance the dance; the slavery dance, we’ve got everything to win, and nothing to loose.”

Releases On Go-Kart Records
"Bombs For Food, Mines For Freedom"
1. Intro
2. Sold Out World
3. The Plague We've Become
4. Born Addicted
5. Spitting at the Remains
6. Come All and Blow Your Brains Out
7. Laugh Ourselves to Death
8. Caught Up in Everyday
9. Let Them Eat Bombs
10. Our Relief
11. Towards the End
12. Massacre of Man


Releases On Go-Kart Records

"Norwegen hatte schon immer eine eigene Hardcore-Formel: Arschtritt und Anspruch triefen nur so aus Musik und Texten. RIFU werden seit Jahren von allen Wissenden ohne Ende abgefeiert. „Bombs For Food, Mines For Freedom“ ist ein weiteres, rasant nach vorn knallendes Meisterstück. Spielerische Finesse, Brutalität, Eingängigkeit und Wut verschmelzen zu modernem, aber nie trendhörigem Hardcore. Exzellent!" - Rock Hard

"RIFU ist eine Band, die man sich auf alle Fälle mal anhören sollte, wenn man auf Hardcore und Punkrock mit Aussagekraft steht." Listen To It

"Das geht gut nach vorne und dürfte jedes besetzte Haus zwischen Trondheim und Genua in helle Aufregung versetzen." - Uncle Sally's

"Propaghandi treffen im Proberaum auf die Crustband von nebenan, und beide nähern sich einander an. Verstanden? Politische Texte, technische Punk Rock-Versiertheit und verdammt viel Aggression, die hin und wieder in Raserei umschlägt." - Metal Hammer

"Mit „richtigem“ Label und besserer Produktion im Nacken spielen die Norweger eine druckvolle Mischung aus schroffem Hardcore und melodischem Punkrock, die oft wie eine härtere, dreckigere Version von Propagandhi klingt. Das gefällt mehr als nur gut." - Visions

"Wer sich mit Bands wie TRAGEDY, FROM ASHES RISE und einer deftigen Rock-Kante anfreunden kann, wird hier ein 12 Song starkes Manifest für sich entdecken können." - Slam

"Die Jungs aus dem beschaulichen Trondheim bieten uns auch auf ihrem mittlerweile dritten Album ihren atemberaubende Hardcore-Punk-Sound, der sich aber so was von gewaschen hat." - Musix Media Markt Magazin

"RIFU ziehen eine echte Soundwand hoch wie TRAGEDY und REFUSED, erinnern manchmal auch an PROPAGANDHI." - Plastic Bomb

"Hey Kids, wenn ihr eure Eltern mal in 'ne richtig derbe Krise stürzen wollt, legt euch "Bombs For Food, Mines For Freedom" zu. Das hier ist nämlich das wahre Häufchen. Oder wie der Angelsachse sagt: This is the real shit!" -Legacy

"Does the thinking man down 10 cans of Stella, crushing each empty against his forehead while moshing around his room like a braindead chav in an altercation with the rozzers on a Fridaynight? He does if he’s listening to the fantastical ferocity of Norwegian poltico-punks Rifu. Ruff’n’ready hardcore that hurtles through your brain at a billion miles a minute, shaking it up but leaving behind an important message, ‘Bombs For Food….” May have a clever title and exhibit thoughtful lyrics, but it’s gloriously dumb all the same. Like Strike Anywhere and Propagandhi tag-teaming a grizzly bear in a Norma Jean T-shirt, the band’s charm is in their relentless approach and boundless energy. But under all that frenetic noise and vocalist Øyvind Sarheim’s tempestuous, unerring intensity lies the cohesive, addictive adrenalin rush of some great, great songs." - Rocksound

"RIFU bristle with anger and rage, unleashing a torrent of fury to a soundtrack that is fast and harsh yet surprisingly melodic in its approach. For every “Sold Out World” that hurtles forward in a burst of crust-punk noise fuelled by Discharge drums and raw vocal screams, there’s a “Laugh Ourselves To Death” that veers towards NOFX melodic punk without compromising any of the music’s ferocity. Punk as fuck, then." - Kerrang

"Whatever the case RIFU have created a dreadful beauty to behold." - Punk & Oi

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"Bombs For Food, Mines For Freedom"

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