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"The Guff is a Disaster EP"
Don't know Guff yet? You will soon, real soon. Fast and furious pop-punk with catchy melodies, Athens, GA punk rock that tours non-stop. Guff can be described as fast melodic punk rock. Thick and intense in their delivery. With a relentless work ethic, Guff tours as much as they possibly can. They epitomize the working class and sing songs relating to personal relationships and the trials and tribulations of life. They formed in '99 and have toured with AAA, Atom and His Package, Hunter-Gatherer, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Sloppy Seconds, Citizen Fish, Agnostic Front, Dynamite Boy, River City High, Flogging Molly, Sum 41, Whippersnapper and many others.

1 Responsibility Pays
2 Turbulence
3 Faith
4 Scars Are Tough Too!
5 M-98
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